Holes: The Animated Series
Holes: The animated series is a personal project where I wanted to design a childhood favorite movie as a Disney animated series. I did a full character of the main campers with a full 8-point turn and action poses of Zero and then some facial expressions of Armpit.
Bug Buddies
Bug Buddies was assignment where I designed a character and his big companion for an animated show concept aimed at ages 3-7 years old. In this assignment I did a full 8-point turnaround, color thumbnails for both Jude and his fire ant companion. I also did some cleaned up design explorations as well.
Ping-Pong Club
Ping Pong Club is a personal project where I wanted to design characters with a 17+ to young adult audience in mind. So, I went more detailed with these designs, I also made sure the cast was diverse so different types of people could feel represented by the characters. I did an 8-point turn for the main character Nomiya. I did facial expressions for Ramon and then did gave every one of the characters a pose on the action pose sheet.
The Sopranos: The Animated Series (2023)
Sopranos: The Animated Series is a personal project where I wanted to imagine the sopranos as an adult animated tv show. Below is a character lineup of a good chunk of the main cast.
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